About Us: Your Finance Broker Guide

A finance broker by profession. A Newcastle local by heart.

I’m Jon Jones, founder of Newy Finance. I take pride in my decade-long journey in the mortgage industry, where I’ve been assisting clients since 2014. Over the years, I’ve been privileged to help hundreds of Novocastrians secure the ideal financing solutions for their needs.

The extensive experience I have acquired since 2014 has given me distinctive perspectives and profound insights about the local market. As a mortgage and personal loans broker, I’ve helped clients secure numerous successful home loan deals and refinances with the best investment loan rates.

Our Mission

At Newy Finance, we are committed to helping Newcastle and Hunter Valley locals with home loans, investment loans and personal finance.

We are dedicated to:

  • Facilitating ownership of quality homes by securing the most suitable product and ensuring you receive the best long-term deal available.
  • Empowering you to pursue investment opportunities through comprehensive loan solutions.
  • Assisting you in securing approval and planning repayments for your personal loans

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Our Services

Newy Finance’s dedicated team is committed to providing expert guidance and tailored solutions in the following key areas:

Home Loans

  • Offer tailored property options that match your lifestyle and budget.
  • Simplify refinancing through automated processes for the best interest rates and features.

Investment Loans

  • Structure loans to align with individual needs and long-term goals.
  • Research and compare investment loans, ensuring optimal value.

Personal Finance

  • Help secure personal loans for various purposes that meet personal loan eligibility requirements, from weddings to home improvements.
  • Transparently plan repayments, ensuring each client’s financial suitability for personal loans.

Car Loans

  • Consumer Car Loans: Assist with budgeting for personal vehicle purchases and understanding long-term costs.
  • Self-Employed: Strategies’ loans for self-employed individuals, leveraging vehicles as tax-deductible assets.
  • Business Car Loans: Support businesses with finance, insurance, and long-term fleet solutions.

Debt Consolidation

  • Simplify loan structures, ease repayments, and improve long-term financial positions.
  • Secured Debt Consolidation: Refinance secured loans for reduced repayments and better products.
  • Unsecured Debt Consolidation: Aid in reducing personal loan debts, obtaining new loans, and expediting debt repayment.

Considering refinancing your mortgage?

Our expertise has guided countless locals to more favourable terms.

Why Choose Me?

Client Focus:

  • Specialise in meeting diverse client needs, from first-time homebuyers to investors and business owners.
  • Tailor expertise to match unique requirements, such as complex lending challenges or equity release for strategic investments.

Referral-Based Service:

  • Thrive as a referral-based business, prioritising consistent, high-quality 5-star service.
  • Ensure every client receives the same attention, dedication, and commitment regardless of loan amount.

Local Understanding:

  • Lifelong Newcastle local with an intimate client understanding of community challenges and aspirations.
  • The goal is to help people achieve property goals and build wealth for a comfortable retirement without compromising life’s experiences.

Passion for Journeys:

  • I enjoy being part of people’s property journeys, especially the excitement of first-time homebuyers.
  • My personal and professional satisfaction is derived from helping individuals and families navigate the complexities of property ownership.

Meet Jon

Let me share a bit about myself and my commitment to helping you achieve your property and wealth-building goals.

My path to becoming a finance broker is far from conventional. Originally a qualified baker/pastry cook, I transitioned through various roles, from forklift operator to a traineeship in a local coal mine as a dump truck operator.

This diverse experience led me to mortgage brokering that connected me with other financial brokers near me, and I’ve been dedicated full-time since 2017. Before that, I worked as a part-time broker from 2014 and owned a Mortgage Choice franchise from 2014 to 2017. Currently celebrating my 10th year in the industry, I find immense fulfilment in being part of people’s financial journeys.

One of the highlights of my work is witnessing the joy of first-home buyers when they receive the news that their loan has been approved, securing their first property. Being the agent who helps them meet home and personal loan eligibility requirements strengthens my passion as a broker.

Outside the finance world, I am a devoted father to Flynn, almost four years old, and a loving husband to Lauren. Weekends are reserved for cherished family time, where I indulge in my passion for smoking meat on the smoker and enjoy watching cricket and NRL.

Travelling is a shared family interest, and we’ve created unforgettable memories, from a month-long journey through the US, including a proposal in Central Park, NY, on Christmas Day, to cruising through the Caribbean. Flynn has also accompanied us to Fiji, adding to our collection of precious family adventures.

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My Process

How to apply for a home loan with the best mortgage broker in Newcastle? Here’s a simplified look into my work process.


Understand your aspirations and analyse your personal loan eligibility, whether you are a first-time homebuyer, investor, business owner or seeking equity release.

Needs Assessment:

Conduct a thorough needs assessment based on our discussions, considering the loan approval process.

Customised Solutions:

For home loans, offer property choices aligning with your lifestyle and finances; for investment loans, structure solutions match long-term aspirations.

Transparent Planning:

Transparently plan repayments for personal finance or car loans, ensuring financial suitability.

Application Process:

Seamlessly guide you through the application process, ensuring efficiency.

Loan Approval Process:

Keep you informed throughout, providing updates and addressing queries.

Celebrating Success:

Celebrate your loan approval, a rewarding conclusion to our collaborative journey.